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Good Willing CO. LTD.

Good Willing CO. LTD. is an innovative technology company based in Taiwan. The company has developed a Nano Active Additive Agent (N.A.A.A.) which is a solution for the regeneration of lead-acid batteries.

Loss of battery capacity is caused by sulfation. Sulfation is the crystallisation of lead sulfate, it results in a hard shell forming around the lead plates within the battery cell. This shell prevents efficient charging and discharging of the battery.

This crystallised shell can be dissolved using a patented additive agent, i.e. N.A.A.A. developed by Good Willing Ltd. By adding this agent to the battery and employing a smart charge and discharge procedure, results in a regenerated lead-acid battery.

The N.A.A.A effectively decomposes the accumulated lead sulfate crystals and it prevents the build up of lead sulfate crystals, thus the use of this agent will be able to extend the life and improve performance of lead-acid batteries.

In addition to battery regeneration, the N.A.A.A can be used for lead-acid battery maintenance. As even a partial build up of lead sulfate crystals leads to diminished battery capacity - by using the N.A.A.A at this stage improves the battery function. A well maintained battery is preferred especially in colder conditions when batteries with diminished capacity experience problems.

We have received many questions about maintenance-free lead-acid batteries and "yes" the N.A.A.A can be added to these batteries to regenerate them. Please note that the smart charge and discharge procedure cannot be omitted.

AG Sharp are the sole distributors of the Good Willing battery regeneration technology in South Africa.

We supply a complete kit for the regeneration of lead-acid batteries.

Please contact us for further product details, availability or pricing.

Also view our videos on YouTube - see the links below the "Features" section.

Nano Active Additive Agent (N.A.A.A.)


  • It dissolves lead sulfate crystals and creates a protective layer on the battery plates.

  • It strenghtens and improves the ability of lead-acid batteries to provide power.

  • It effectively prolongs battery lifespan.

Online videos - see the battery regeneration in action:
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